My Pie: The Perfect After-School Treat

September 3, 2019

lil piezano

In a blink of an eye, summer has ended and the new school year has begun. Remember how, as a kid, the first day of school was so exciting? You got to meet new friends and talk about your favorite subjects – without having a bunch of test hanging over your head. As a parent, it’s wonderful to see your child fly out those doors with an enormous smile on their face, excited to tell you how their first day went. Why don’t you make your child’s first day of school even better with a family pizza night at My Pie Pizza?

Custom Pizzas That Kids Love

At My Pie Pizza, our restaurants strive to provide customers with fast service and a family-friendly dining experience. Our menu offers a variety of pies, including a Hot Hawaiian, My Uncle Nick, and My Greek Pie and many more. We also let people build a custom pizza “their way”, allowing them to choose the crust, sauce, and toppings of their choice. Whether your son is an adventurous eater, wants to get creative with a custom pizza, or is craving a pepperoni pizza, we’ve got it covered. Do you have a younger child? Our kids’ meal, the Lil’ Piezano, is the perfect way to give your kid pizza their way! Our Lil’ Piezanos include a cheese or pepperoni pizza, a kid’s drink, and a ball of dough to play with. No matter your child’s age, after the first day of school, there’s nothing better than bringing your family to My Pie for a New York-style pizza.


Make The First Day Great With Pizza Their Way!

Are you ready to give your child the best first day of school ever? Come on over to My Pie for the perfect after school treat! We have several locations in the United States. Find the location closest to you, and get ready for a taste of pizza your way.

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