Treat Your Grad To Pizza Their Way

May 3, 2018

pizza your way

Sitting in the audience, you remember when your daughter was just a little girl. You remember her first steps, her first words, her first day of school, and you wonder “How could she be graduating already?” Here at My Pie, we remember our kids graduating and us wondering “What do we do next? How can we show our child that we are proud of them?” On those days, we decided to go home and make our graduates a New York-style pizza with all their favorite toppings. As your child prepares to take the next steps in their life, we invite you to come to our pizza restaurant so that we can make customized pizza for your graduate.


When your child walks across the stage and gets that hard-earned diploma, you have a reason to celebrate. That diploma was only earned by years of hard work…from them and from you. You taught your child everything they know, and this day is just as much your day as it is theirs. Celebrate your own success by taking your graduate to a pizza place near you.


Both you and your child deserve to enjoy My Pie, the best custom pizza near you. No matter what you guys prefer on your build-your-own pizza, My Pie has crust, sauce, and toppings you will love. Has your son decided to eat gluten-free? No problem! Our gluten-free pizza is a customer favorite. With the freshest local ingredients and family dining space, our build your own pizza restaurant is the best pizza restaurant in the area.


Celebrate at My Pie

The graduation season has finally come. As your child prepares to take the next steps in their life, bring the family together and treat them to dinner at your local pizza place, My Pie. Have questions about our pizza place? Email us at If you want to get a head start and decide how you will customize your New York-style pizza, check out our online menu. We can’t wait to celebrate this big day with you!

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