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July 3, 2017

When we think about pizza, we think about our grandmother’s recipe. Our grandmother always swore that it takes two things to make great food: love and great ingredients.

That’s why we love summertime. With tomatoes and gardens producing, we’re able to harvest the best ingredients for our pizza. While some people look forward to the pool in the summer, we’re excited to be able to use fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, figs, arugula, balsamic, gorgonzola, and more classic summer ingredients. To take advantage of the new season’s ingredients, we’re releasing a summer menu that will be full of this season’s flavors.

You’ll love our seasonal pies! Come try the BLT Pie, Chicken Balsamico, and the Sweet Fig.

We make the most of seasonal extra virgin olive oil, crisp arugula, tomatoes, figs, and balsamic in three great summer pie variations.

For those looking for something a little lighter, we’re also introducing 3 new seasonal summer salads as well! Try the Beets, Greens & Figs, the Grains & Greens, or a Quinoa Bowl. From freshly cooked quinoa to arugula with toppings including pickled beets, figs and cherry tomatoes, you certainly have a variety to choose from. We also welcome you to make it your own by customizing your favorite combinations of flavors.

Everything we do has our grandmother in mind. With each new addition, we make to the menu, we always think about how she would’ve made it when we learned to cook from her when we were young. Half of the work of making great pizza has been done by the great food producers available locally to us. The other half was instilled in us by her. Each pie is made specifically for you, and we put as much care into each pie as our grandmother did for us when we were growing up. This is Piezano Culture. Come to your neighborhood pizza place this summer to feel at home and enjoy food that tastes like we have a garden in the back.

These pies won’t last forever, so come try them soon!


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