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The Story Behind My Pie

It was spring of 2012 and 3 guys from the East Coast were sitting around thinking about how they were going to grow their Italian Pizza Restaurant concept called Crust. At that point, Crust already had the making of a growing restaurant group with locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale, a catering company, MLB partnerships with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies, a location in the Phoenix Convention Center, and retail line that is anchored by their homemade Kurt Warner Marinara Sauce. So the question became…. What’s next? A few days after the meeting, one of the partners found himself in Chipotle choosing between hormone free chicken and beef, and suddenly he saw sausage and pepperoni! The idea of fast casual pizza immediately came to mind and My Pie: Pizza Your Way was born.

The guys knew they wanted their new concept My Pie pizza restaurant to follow in the footsteps of their sister restaurant Crust as a neighborhood pizzeria by using homemade recipes, authentic New York style pizza, and strong family values. They also wanted it to incorporate some of the new, modern culture of local New York pizza restaurants. My Pie is truly a modern classic. It is a place where each guest has the opportunity to custom build their own dining experience using authentic Italian pizza recipes and having it served New York fast. My Pie makes its own dough with gluten free and vegan pizza options and sauces daily from scratch. They procure the freshest vegetables, the highest quality meats, and bake them all together in an 800-degree oven for two minutes for fast casual dining. The My Pie guys are simply passionate pizza people and have figured out how to create an authentic Italian, New York-style pizza in a New York minute. There is no other pizzeria like this between here and Brooklyn… Guaranteed!

Today My Pie not only offers a taste of New York to local neighborhoods, but also remains focused on its core values by giving back to the local community. Their partnership with Kurt Warner helps support his charity called The Treasure House by donating back 10% of all retail proceeds of his Kurt Warner Marinara Sauce. My Pie wants all of their guests to feel the passion they have for their food and their concept. The My Pie guys and every employee in every restaurant are committed to giving guests the experience of NY energy and great New York pizza! They want people to feel at home; a welcome guest invited to enjoy pizza with the My Pie family.




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For media requests please contact: Jen Pruett jenpruett@pizzayourway.com

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